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July 11-17 Details

Find information about our 2020 Virtual Ride below. Stay tuned for information about the 2021 Ride!

Join us nightly from July 11-17 and at 1PM on July 18 for programs!

Microsoft Teams: We will be using Microsoft Teams for our nightly programs this coming week, as well as some of our other virtual “gatherings.” Teams has multiple options for access:

  • We highly recommend downloading the Teams App on your computer or phone for the best viewing experience! You’ll be able to see multiple faces onscreen at once. Then you just click the link provided below and to join the meeting.
  • Use the link provided below to join Microsoft Teams online without the app, using Chrome on a smartphone or computer. No account needed!
  • Use your phone to call into a Microsoft Teams meeting, using the phone number and conference ID below. No account needed!

Microsoft Teams has a limit of 9 people onscreen at once. You should be able to click on different people to see them onscreen—if you want to see someone who is not currently onscreen, click on their “circle” at the bottom of the screen and they should appear on your screen. The people on screen will also change in meetings as people speak.

Teams also has a “chat” function that can be used via the online version for questions. Some Teams programs will be recorded for future use. For tech issues with Teams during our programs, please call or email Brianna Murphy at brianna@hfhmn.org or 612-331-4439, x5.

Need the link to our programs? If you’re a registered rider, check your July 9 email “Virtual Habitat 500: Key Details for July 11-18” or email kaitlyn@hfhmn.org for the link.

Organizing a group ride? Let us know and we can share your contact information with others in your area.

Please note—there are no “official” Habitat 500 rides or in-person events this year. All rides, in groups or solo, are at the discretion of each individual. We ask you to follow all state and local health guidelines for cycling and group activities.