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The Habitat 500 Bike Ride is a ride (not a race) and fundraiser that covers up to 500 miles over the course of 7 days. Every rider raises funds from their community and can choose the local or global Habitat for Humanity affiliate they wish to support.

The ride has multiple options: multi-day (three or seven) and one-day. Each multi-day rider is required to raise a minimum of $500, but the average amount raised is over $2,300 per rider. One-day riders must raise at least $250. Each rider also pays a registration fee: $400 (Multi-day Ride); $300 (Early bird and 1st-year riders, Multi-day Ride); or $100 (One-day Ride).

Each year is a new route; we tour around the Midwest (mostly Minnesota) visiting Habitat for Humanity affiliates, work sites, and homeowners along the way (in addition to roadside attractions). Habitat affiliates serve as our local hosts for overnight stays. In 2020, we will be traveling around northwestern Minnesota.

A key component of the ride is to raise awareness about the need for decent, safe, affordable housing. We raise awareness in multiple ways, including stopping for a day to participate in a home build. We are also in contact with all forms of media to generate coverage and we find the ride is a very attractive story for newspapers, radio, tv, cable, etc. – we bring a lot of excitement wherever we go.

For nearly 30 years this ride has been made possible by a team of volunteers, including nurses, mechanics, and rest stop hosts who travel with and support riders. People who are unable to ride are always encouraged to become part of our volunteer team.

This ride is coordinated and hosted by Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota, the state support organization. Interested in learning more?

Check out our registration announcement email here!