The bike.home. project embraces our participants’ passion for cycling and their desire to create homeownership opportunities for those in need of a decent place to live. The home will be built by riders and sponsored by riders. It is located near the Habitat 500 route, and bikes will be donated to the family to help share the Habitat 500 riders’ love and passion for cycling.

Watch the video below to learn how the bike.home. project has helped families.

This year we will be lucky to have two bike.home. families!

Amber and Austin, 5, (pictured top left) are looking forward to having a home in which they can build equity and that will be energy efficient, but also to having sufficient space for energetic Austin to run and play. Says Austin, it’s “awesome we get our own house!”

Naomi and Kyrie, 5, (pictured bottom left) are looking forward to gettin gout of apartment living and having a safe yard to play in! Kyrie is “so excited to be able to decorate her room however she wants, something she has not been able to do prior to having her own home.”

These two families will become next-door neighbors in Eveleth, MN, and both will join us for the bike.home. celebration on July 16th, hosted by North St. Louis County Habitat!