“In a world with so much selfishness and emphasis on ‘I,’ it is so reassuring to spend time with an organization and many people who love to give rather than take.” –longtime Habitat 500 rider and top fundraiser

Habitat 500 Funds: Checks Postmarked After September 30

  • All Habitat 500 funds for 2022 MUST be postmarked by September 30, 2022 or donated online by 11:59PM on September 30, 2022. 
  • For funds postmarked after September 30:
    • If the rider was fundraising for Habitat Minnesota, we will deposit the check as a general donation.
    • If the rider was fundraising for any other affiliate, we will send the check to that affiliate.
    • If the rider was fundraising for multiple affiliates, they will be asked to choose one. 
      • For any rider who doesn’t respond to this request by the deadline set, the check will be deposited by Habitat Minnesota as a general donation.
  • For checks postmarked after December 1:
    • We will no longer be tracking Habitat 500 funds. These checks will be deposited by Habitat Minnesota as a general donation.
    • If a rider receive checks that were intended to support the Ride, they can be sent directly to an affiliate.
  • Questions? Email

Online Fundraising

  1. Set up your fundraising page.
    • Visit the Habitat 500 OneCause page. Once there, log into your page in the upper right corner, if you’re not logged in already.’
    • Once logged in, hover over your name in the upper right corner. From the drop down menu that appears, select “manage my page”. On the next screen, the menu on the left will walk you through each stage of setting up your page. You can add as much or little content as you’d like—pictures, videos, a message to donors, etc.
  2. Include your OneCause link in your fundraising appeals.
  3. For more information about online fundraising through OneCause, visit our FAQ page or the Habitat 500 OneCause page.

Fundraising Tips

Ideas from Top Habitat 500 Fundraisers

+ Ask, ask, ask! If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Ask the people who get your money (insurance, doctors, dentists, stores). Ask people you meet in your daily life.

+ Increase the scope of your appeals list: start with your family members and holiday card list, and then move onto book club members, church friends, business associates, and anyone else you can think of.

+ Make the appeal concrete by focusing on the family who will get the house or the part of the house that will be built by the funds you raise. (Need more information on this? Get in touch with the Habitat affiliate you are raising money for!)

+ Set a dollar amount goal and let people know about that goal. This can be tied to a particular year on the Ride (e.g., 10-year rider wants to raise $10,000) or some other event.
+ Make suggestions as to how much to give (e.g., The average gift to the Habitat 500 is $78) or list specific donation amounts to choose from.

Contact your local news outlets to tell your story. (Find press releases here.)

+ Create a sense of team effort (the rider and those who donate) all working for a common cause. Encourage regular donors to get more people involved.

+ Be sincere, genuine, and personal (and brief) with your appeals.


Fundraising Graphics

  Find and download all the graphics here.


Want to share Habitat’s impact with your donors?

Donor Thank Yous

Want to spruce up thank you notes to your donors? Check out these designs from Brianna! Each one has several options for printing (one to a page vs four to a page).

Fundraising Requirements

In 2022, all hybrid Habitat 500 riders will have a fundraising minimum. This minimum must be met by rider check in on July 14, through funds raised or a personal check to cover the balance.

Fundraising Minimums

  • $500 for all 3-day hybrid riders
  • $500 encouraged for all virtual riders
  • $100 encouraged for all 1-day riders

For riders looking for a challenge, we have also provided the following options for fundraising:

  • Level 1: $500: first-year riders
  • Level 2: $1,000: returning riders or new riders looking for a bigger challenge
  • Level 3: $2,500   
  • Level 4:$5,000
  • Level 5: $20,000: if you’d like to beat our current top fundraiser!

Or, out-fundraise yourself: Your 2020 fundraising total plus 15%! If you’re looking for a personalized challenge, look at your fundraising total from your most recent Ride and see if you can beat yourself by 15% (or more!)

The average amount raised is over $2,300 per rider in an average year. Each rider also pays a registration fee.

Each rider can choose a maximum of three Habitat affiliates (local, national, or global) to support with their fundraising. Each year varies in the amount of fundraising that is passed through to these affiliates (a portion is taken out for ride expenses). In 2021, 88% of funds were distributed to affiliates.

Habitat 500 Funds Policy

All Habitat 500 riders are required to raise the minimum amount of funds. In 2019, that amount was $500 for multi-day riders and $250 for one-day riders. If a rider cannot meet this minimum by the first day of the ride, he or she may write a personal check to cover the balance. Each rider can choose up to three Habitat affiliates (local, national, or global) to support with their fundraising. [The previous paragraph is irrelevant for 2021.]

Fundraising begins in the winter prior to each Ride and ends in the fall following the Ride (approximately December—September) each year. Once fundraising closes, all funds turned in afterward will go toward the next Habitat 500 Ride.

Each year varies in the amount of fundraising that is passed through to these affiliates; a portion is taken out to cover ride expenses that are not covered by registration fees and sponsorships. In 2019, 88.9% of funds were distributed to affiliates.

All funds collected by riders for the Habitat 500 are donations to the Habitat 500. Habitat Minnesota, as the coordinator of the Ride, collects, manages, and distributes these funds. All funds sent out will be distributed to the affiliate or affiliates chosen by the rider except when a chosen affiliate is not in compliance with the standards set by Habitat International (“Good Standing”). This is not a common occurrence.

Attempts will be made to connect with the affiliate. If the affiliate remains out of Good Standing for four months after fundraising is closed, the rider will be contacted and asked to select a different Habitat affiliate to receive their fundraising or to send funds to the Habitat 500 bike.home. If riders don’t let us know their preference by June 1, funds will go toward supporting Habitat Minnesota’s statewide programming.

If online donations are made without a rider designation, the donor will be contacted and asked to select a rider or team to support. If the donor does not respond by October 1 or the current year’s fundraising deadline (whichever is earlier), funds will go toward supporting Habitat Minnesota’s statewide programming.

OneCause: Offline Donations

We continue to work on streamline our processes. We’re asking that riders enter their offline (checks or cash) donations right into their OneCause pages. That way we can easily pull a report of all donations, and riders will have an accurate thermometer on their fundraising page for all donations they received, and not just their donations online! It will also save riders from filling out all the donor info by hand, and will cut down on confusion over illegible handwriting. Before mailing in checks, please enter your donations onto your OneCause page (Offline Donation Entry Instructions here), and then mail them in with the short Offline Donations Paid Form. If you don’t have access to a printer, please include a note with your name, rider number, number of checks, and check total with your mailing.

If you need to provide a donation receipt, the form is listed below. The supporters who donate to the Habitat 500 deserve recognition. It is the cyclist’s responsibility to thank all donors who made their ride possible. All donations are tax deductible; the donation receipt is applicable for any amounts up to $99. Habitat for Humanity will send receipts for any donations of $100 or more. If you collect cash and write your own check to cover it, be sure to note in your OneCause entry how much is from each donor.

Donation Receipt (Give to Donors)