“In a world with so much selfishness and emphasis on ‘I,’ it is so reassuring to spend time with an organization and many people who love to give rather than take.” –longtime Habitat 500 rider and top fundraiser

Fundraising Requirements

All full-week and three-day riders are required to raise the minimum of $500. One-day riders are required to raise the minimum of $250. If a rider cannot meet this minimum by the first day of the ride, he or she may write a personal check to cover the balance.

Each rider can choose up to three Habitat affiliates (local, national, or global) to support with their fundraising. Each year varies in the amount of fundraising that is passed through to these affiliates (a portion is taken out for ride expenses). In 2018, 88% of funds were distributed to affiliates.

OneCause (formerly GreatFeats): Offline Donations

We continue to work on streamline our processes. So that riders don’t have to hand write their donor info and then staff type it into our spreadsheet manually, we’re asking that riders enter their offline donations right into their OneCause pages. That way we can easily pull a report of all donations, and riders will have an accurate thermometer on their fundraising page for all donations they received, and not just their donations online. It will also save riders from filling out all the donor info by hand, and will cut down on confusion over illegible handwriting. Before mailing in checks, please enter your donations onto your OneCause page (see instructions), and then mail them in with the short Offline Donations Paid form.

If you need to provide a donation receipt, the form is listed below. The supporters who donate to the Habitat 500 deserve recognition. It is the cyclist’s responsibility to thank all donors who made their ride possible. All donations are tax deductible; the donation receipt is applicable for any amounts up to $99. Habitat for Humanity will send receipts for any donations of $100 or more. If you collect cash and write your own check to cover it, be sure to note in your OneCause entry how much is from each donor.

Donation Receipt (Give to Donors)

NEW: Donor Thank Yous

Want to spruce up thank you notes to your donors? Check out these designs from our Habitat 500 intern, Anna! Each one has several options for printing (one to a page vs four to a page).

Online Fundraising

  1. Set up your fundraising page.
  2. Include your OneCause link in your fundraising appeals.
  3. For more information about online fundraising through GreatFeats, visit our FAQ page or the 2019 Habitat 500 OneCause page.

Fundraising Tips