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Information for Riders

Youth Riders

General Information

For information about riders under age 18, visit the Youth Rider Guidelines page. If you’re looking for a training schedule or safety tips, those can be found on our FAQ page.

If you don’t know your rider number, please email

In previous years, overnight information and waivers were separate documents. These questions are now part of registration–you accepted the waiver when you registered unless someone else completed your registration for you; if that’s the case, please email to receive and complete your waivers!


All riders must check in at Rest Stop #2 and the overnight location. Riders must wear a helmet at all times while on a bicycle.

Please watch our safety video before starting your ride. Our sincere thanks to the committee members and volunteers who put the video together! Find the video here.


The Habitat 500 team sends out newsletters out each month from March through September each year. During April, May, and June, two newsletters will go out: one with information for registered riders and one with information for all Habitat 500 supporters. If you’re not already on our list, sign up below!

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2019 Rider Handbook

All riders, especially new riders, are strongly encouraged to review the Ride guidelines in the Rider Handbook. In addition, most registered riders completed waivers as part of registration. If someone else completed your registration for you, please email to receive and complete your waivers!