The 9 Best Ways to Recruit Your Habitat 500 Ride Team

What does it mean to start a Habitat 500 Ride team? Well, most teams start with a captain or a leader. If you’re reading this, that person is probably you! Every team member still registers individually. The only requirement to be an official team is your team must be fundraising for the same Habitat affiliate.  Then, the team captain can act as the main contact for coordinating the team, setting up the team fundraising page, and working with Habitat Minnesota on any questions. It’s always more fun to pedal with friends, so let’s get started building your team!

  1. Start with Home:

No better place to start than in your own home! Your grandparents, parents, spouse, siblings, kids, cousins, roommates, or whoever you live with are ideal team members! Want to go for a last-minute ride? Easy! Just grab the person on the couch next to you and get moving!

  1. In Person Ask

The best way to ask someone to ride with you is of course in person. Obviously, that’s not always possible, but if you are still in person for school, work, church, or volunteering, use your puppy dog eyes and ask nicely. You might find out one of your coworkers has a secret passion for cycling and affordable homeownership!

  1. Direct Messages

We are all pretty good at communicating online now. Keep using those skills when recruiting team members! If you can’t directly ask someone in person, directly asking digitally is the next best thing! Video call, phone call, text message, email, or social media direct message — whatever works best for you and your potential teammate is great!

  1. Social Media

Show everyone how excited you are to ride! Share photos and videos of yourself in your apparel or on a ride and mention you’re looking for friends to ride with. Add in personal stories about why you were inspired to ride for Habitat. Pro tip: Make sure to include a visual like a photo or video. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes those types of posts. Also, try searching for Facebook groups related to biking in your area and make a post in that group. Here are a few groups you can start with!

Facebook Groups:

  1. Write a Letter to Your Local Paper

By writing up a quick story for your local paper about why you decided to ride you can easily reach a large new audience. Add details to the story like your goal for distance, your goal for fundraising, what inspired you to ride, your favorite memories from past rides, and that you’re looking for team members to ride with. Don’t forget to add contact information so they can get in contact with you! Check out our website for press release templates here.

  1. Wear the Apparel

Wear your Habitat 500 apparel with pride! Jerseys, t-shirts, bike plates, buttons, and socks are a great way to start a conversation. Take a ride to your local state park, brewery, café, or bike shop and be your own walking billboard! Don’t have any apparels yet or looking for something new to show off? Check out our merchandise here!

  1. Bring Donuts

Use your desk at work or set up a table at church and bring a big box of donuts to entice community members into a conversation. Want a donut? Anyone who takes a donut must either donate to your ride or join your team. Great way to fundraise and recruit at the same time! Plus, your friend gets a donut. Win win!

  1. Hang a Poster/Flyer

Where do you hang out? A local gym, a community center, a workspace, a church, a brewery, a library, a café? Our team has created posters for you to print and hang up! Check them out here! Then, using a spare sheet of paper, create rip off tabs with your contact information saying you’re looking for a team member for the ride. Or leave space on the paper for people to sign up and leave contact information for you to come pick up later.

  1. Ask for Help

Once you’ve found a ride buddy or two don’t hesitate to ask them for help! They can ask their friends and family to join as well. Branch off from each member and continue building your team of riders!

*Please follow all state/local Covid-19 guidelines. While we are excited for opportunities to reconnect in person, our number one priority will always be the safety of our riders.